Terracing vs. Sloping

054Landscaping on a hill can get a little bit tricky, but you have a few options to make it look beautiful as well as avoid erosion. No matter which route you choose to take, proper maintenance is important to keep your lawn both looking nice and prevent soil from washing away.


Creating terraces in your yard is relatively easy to do. Put in some landscaping timber, such as railroad ties, at the edge of where you want your terraces to be. Next, flatten out each level by excavating the high parts of a lower level and adding the soil to the low area of the level above. Steeper slopes require several narrower terraces while gradual slopes can have a few wider ones. You then have several options for how to use the new terraces.

  • Pave one terrace and use it is a new patio space.
  • Create a more upscale look with some landscaping using patio blocks, bricks, or rocks.
  • Design a unique set of stairs to navigate up and down the terraces in style.
  • Plant grass so that it can be mowed and used as open yard space.
  • Make a garden to grow your favorite flowers, veggies, spices, or anything else you enjoy.


Instead of breaking the hill into level chunks, leave it as a slope. If it is too steep to mow, you can have some fun with gardening and various plants to keep it looking great.

  • Plant ground-covering items to take up the space as well as put down roots to hold the soil in place.
  • Add in shrubs and evergreens to fill in larger areas, prevent erosion, and cut down on some weeding time.
  • Garden the slope with plants of your choice and enjoy the fruits of your labor with beautiful flowers and fresh produce from your very own yard.
  • Keep in mind that some weeding will be necessary to prevent invasive plants from moving in and taking over.

Cary Landscape Inc. can help you decide the best look for your landscape whether that’s a beautifully sculpted garden or a naturally shaped lawn. We work with you to create the look you want while addressing all the practical issues from drainage to the plants that will best meet your expectations of beauty and sustainability. Contact us today to get started!