Benefits of Lighting

  • Garden lighting is an effective way of adding to the aesthetics of your home’s exterior.
  • A well-lit garden lends a vibrant touch to the interior spaces overlooking it.
  • Garden lighting is also adopted for security measures. It ensures that unauthorized people do not trespass your property.
  • Lighting the garden pathways and steps eases the use of the garden at night. It acts as a visual aid to the user and prevents accidents when it is dark.

Lighting Design

The elements you wish to highlight are key in determining the best way to light up your garden. If your garden boasts of flowerbeds, it is a good idea to direct light to these colorful patches. This can be done by installing low height down lights in the flowerbeds. The down lights will accentuate the liveliness of the garden giving the appearance of a beautiful multicolored collage at night. These down lights are free standing lamps supported by the ground and are ideal for lighting areas where walls are absent.

Lawn lighting usually follows the conventional approach of along the boundary lighting. If the lawn adjoins the boundary wall, it is a good idea to install lighting fixtures in the wall. The height of the light fixture should be around a foot from the ground if you want to direct its light to the lawn. Recessed and spot light fixtures are ideal for this purpose. If your lawn is surrounded by permanent planters, these can also be used for supporting the light fixtures. In case your lawn doesn’t allow for wall lighting, the next best option is to go for free standing lamps. Beautiful lamps can be installed along the lawn’s edge to delineate it from the rest of the garden, light it effectively. Down lighting is the preferred mode for lighting lawns.

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