Choosing the Right Plants for Your Landscape

225A large part of landscape design is the foliage that you choose to incorporate in your yard. There are several factors to consider when deciding on plants that will create the atmosphere you are hoping for, while keeping in mind the ability for those plants to thrive in the environment. Some of these factors include size and shape, sunlight, and soil composition.

Size and Form

Keep in mind how large the plants you are going to put in will end up growing, and how you want them to look. Some small plants may be invasive throughout the rest of the garden if they are not contained in some kind of pot. Look up how much creeping vines will spread without continual trimming. If you are looking for large shrubs, have an idea of how far you need to plant them from the foundation to prevent any damage. No matter what, do some research ahead of time to plan out how you want the landscape to look, and what size and shape vegetation will look perfect in the space.

Sunlight or Shade

Certain plants thrive in bright, sunny areas, while others need more shady zones. The amount of shade you currently have in your yard may help determine some of your plant requirements. If you are looking to add more shade to the area, then take a look at native trees that can survive well in the climate. Often, plants that are natural to your area are the easiest to grow and may be there already in the area that suites them best.

Soil Composition

One more factor to consider is soil composition, so you can choose plants that grow well in it. This can include sand and clay concentration, as well as how wet or dry your yard is. Some plants will help hold together an area with a large root base, which is helpful if you have a large slope or loose soil. Once you know of some varieties that will grow well in your soil type, you can start picking and choosing your favorites to accentuate the landscaping in your yard.

At Cary Landscape Inc. we understand the impact the right plants can have on your landscape. We can help select the ideal flowers, shrubs, bushes, and trees to create the perfect environment. Contact us today to get started!